Fitness Friday!

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How Buckeye Valley East Elementary incorporates physical activity before school.

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Lisa Seely, Buckeye Valley’s PE teacher has come up with a fabulous idea… Fitness Friday!  It is held once a month on Friday mornings before school.  Lisa came up with an idea to set up 17 different physical activity stations in the gymnasium for the kids to enjoy before school.  The kids have such a blast and as it turned out so do some parents!  She has had regular attendance from 1 dad who is off work on Fridays.  He has attended every Fitness Friday and does all the stations with his son and his friends.  Other parents have also joined in on the fun with their kids.

Her stations include:

  1. Hula hoop
  2. Jump rope
  3. 1 pound weights
  4. Plank
  5. Jump over the pole
  6. Medicine ball twist
  7. Scooter around the cone
  8. Climbing wall
  9. Partner push up (high five partner)

10.  10 mountain climbers & crab walk around cone

11.  Bicep curl with resistance bands

12.  Leg squats

13.  Bicycle sit up

14.  Lunge the width, jog the length of the gym

15.  Jog the steps, walk down

16.  Bear crawl around cones

17.  Agility ladder drills

To implement the activity Lisa set up her iPod through a radio and about every minute she blows a whistle & the kids move to the next station. As a prize for the kids, they get a foot charm they put on their shoelaces!

These are just a few examples; you could set up any activity you think the kids would enjoy.

Buckeye Valley East Elementary received a Zone 8 mini-grant which helped purchase some of the equipment for the stations. Other ideas for implementing a Fitness Friday without a mini-grant include asking for a $1 donation per class, ask the PTO/PTA to help purchase equipment, or borrow PE equipment.


Outdoor Recess Walking Club

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At Norwich Elementary in Hilliard, our theme for the 4-week walking club this May is “Sports Blitz”.  Three parents are coordinating the walking club, in which students are counting their laps around the playground during recesses, logging in their laps on classroom posters, and watching the large USA map in the hallway to find out each week which stadium or arena they have walked to as a group.   Each classroom has decided on a team name, and turns in their classroom lap log-in sheets to a box in the office.   In the past, we’ve also used mileage tracking cards, which were kept sort of like library cards in their classrooms and turned in as they were completed to a box in the central hall. 

This year we are happy to celebrate our new asphalt walking path, the funding of which was pulled from three sources: PTO funds, a “Let’s Just Play” Nickelodeon grant won by student Colton Miles, and a monetary Walmart award for  Mrs. Cathie Maple, who won “Teacher of the Year” in 2008.

What a creative way to walk together!

What a creative way to walk together!

Six laps around the playground path equals one mile.   Students may also log in mileage they have done at home, and parents are informed about the walking club with a flyer sent home in the backpacks.  To see the flyer, click here: walkingclubflyrsportsblitz.   Each classroom also receives weekly sports trivia, and correct answers can earn them extra bonus miles.  The volunteers who write the questions try to infuse geography and civic lessons into the trivia. 

In order to continue the excitement and motivation, the wellness committee and parents are attempting to get athletes, mascots and other sports-related celebrities to walk during lunch recess with the students.  Students also receive small incentives: toe tokens purchased from  K-1’st graders receive one token for 3 miles, 2-5th graders must walk 3 miles to receive a token. Some kids string these on their backpacks, shoes, or some make them into jewelry!

To see one student’s take on the walking club, click on Norwichwalkingclubessay.  Our teachers have found various ways to integrate the walking club into their lesson planning.

Toe token necklace; Each one = 3 miles walked!

Toe token necklace; Each one = 3 miles walked!

Poster in main hallway tracks progress as a school!

Poster in main hallway tracks progress as a school!

What’s next for us?   Look for Peaceful Playgrounds next year!

Exercise videos during indoor recess!

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Parents helped coordinate "Friday Fitness Fun"!






Parents helped coordinate "Friday Fitness Fun"!

Friday Fitness Fun!

Two parents who are fitness professionals rallied other parents to come in and volunteer to help organize exercise videos on Fridays when the playground was too cold or wet to have outdoor recess.   Parents helped keep the kids focused, started and stopped the videos when appropriate.   Overall supervision was still provided by recess aides.  A variety of exercise videos were purchased, thanks to a mini-grant from Ohio Action for Healthy Kids, zone 8.  As part of the agreement for the grant, the parents reviewed dozens of exercise videos and provide commentary and ratings based on suitability of school use.  To see review, click here:  kid-fitness-video-review

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