This fourth challenge focuses on goal-setting as a key ingredient to success when it comes to making healthy choices. By setting and working toward goals, students can sustain the momentum of the Moving More and Making Better Food Choices experiences they’ve had as part of Game On! The Ultimate Wellness Challenge. This section also features Activity Pyramids and physical activity tracking tools — great resources to inspire and help students to keep moving more!

Why the focus on goal-setting?
Simply described, a goal is something we want to achieve. It can be big or small. It can be a short-term goal (today, this week, this month) or a long-term goal (next year or ten years from now). Whether it’s a long-term goal or a short-term goal, big or small, a good goal is focused, has a realistic time frame and a realistic outcome. Setting goals helps us stay focused. Goals help us move from where we are to where we want to be and focus on the results we want to achieve. Helping children and youth set and achieve goals at home, on the playground, at school and in the classroom builds their confidence and sense of accomplishment and helps them become the people they want to be.

Setting goals for physical activity (and healthy eating) helps them begin to take ownership of important skills and behaviors for maintaining a healthy lifestyle. A simple template that children and youth can use when setting goals is:

One thing I can do to be more active is [what you’re going to do] [when].


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