Before School

Schools can optimize the hours before school begins by using the time to help kids to get a healthy start to their day with physical activity. One great opportunity to encourage students to be physically active before school is to create a walk- or bike-to-school program.

Walk/bike-to-school programs, sometimes called walking school bus programs, make it possible for students to walk or bike to school accompanied by an adult chaperone. Working to create this type of program gives schools the chance to build a partnership with parent groups or community organizations. By giving kids active and safe routes to schools, walk/bike-to-school programs create a fun and fitness-promoting part of students’ daily school day routine.

A walk/bike-to-school program is great for neighborhoods that have a school within walking distance, usually within a mile — and it can be adapted for children and youth who live in neighborhoods farther from the school, and those living in neighborhoods without safe walking routes.


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