Who knew? Wisconsin Cheesehead hats put to good use!

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Chris cheesehead


Dairy challenges can be alot of fun – there are so many ways to engage students with positive messages about nutrition!  Here we see Westerville City Schools dietitian Chris Baumann answering questions during a free cheese tasting during lunch – students were offered three types of of cheese cubes and asked to vote on their favorite at Pointview Elementary. 

  Classroom teachers were offered the option and provided with age-appropriate, hands on classroom activity lessons on calcium and the importance of nutrient dense calories.      This challenge was done during the last week of school when teachers are often looking for some fun activities to round out the year and hit those last few standards.   A fifth grade class drew a graph that displayed the results of the voting and posted it the last day of school in the cafeteria.  Parents were sent home an informational flyer about the dairy challenge and also about the importance of dairy, or high calcium foods for those who may be lactose intolerant.   To add to the excitement, posters like this cheesetasting poster were posted around the school a few days before.

Wisconsin Cheesehead hats in Ohio?  Why not?

Wisconsin Cheesehead hats in Ohio? Why not?

Look at these lovely ladies who encouraged students to sample cheeses and cast a vote for which they liked best – “Your vote ‘cow-nts’ with us!”

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