Raymond Challenge Course event Summarizes Year of Game On! Challenges

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Nurse Teri Heard organized an all-school challenge course to summarize the Game On challenges for the year on May 28th. 

First thing the day of the challenge all students went to the gym in their t-shirts and nurse Teri organized them into a food pyramid. Pieces of yellowpaper were used to represent the fats and oils section.  Just the process of getting students aligned into a pyramid was a fun time to review what all the colors stand for and give examples!

The challenge course was originally planned to be held outdoors but because of stormy weather, was moved into the gym and two empty classrooms.   Each grade came for one hour at a time, and students were grouped by t-shirt color into groups of 7-10 for the Game On Challenge stations.

Stations were manned by volunteers, some parents, some from the community – a health educator from the county health department, and exercise physiologist from the local hospital, and two staff fitness instructors from the YMCA.

Students race and choose a food to bring back to their team

Students race and choose a food to bring back to their team

Foods of all food groups go in center of room

Food group examples go in center of room for Station 2: Five Groups Search & Rescue

I was amazed at how much the students remembered their food pyramid, and the foods they had tasted – I heard several references to tasting the pumpkin and apples and milk that had taken place in the fall.  The challenge course, which was implemented directly from the Game On! examples from the website, was met with excitement and smiles from the students.    They especially loved the All Foods Fit Relay, and the station 2 Search and Rescue game – what great activities to review what they had learned during the year in an active way.

Obstacle Course Fun

Obstacle Course Fun

At the end of the day, principal Donna Ball called all students and waiting parents back into the gym for a surprise “Thank You!” to Nurse Teri Heard for all the fun Game On Challenges this year.   Teri was showered with thank you cards and posters from the students – from a quick look through all the colorful pyramids and exercise drawings, could see how much information they had retained and what they remembered – great positive feedback for her!

A big thanks also should go to principal Donna Ball, who was always a big supporter, and to the Marysville School Board, who has an excellent wellness policy, which helps point everyone – staff – parents -students all in the same direction.

Mary Chace,
Game On Grant Coordinator – Ohio

Nurse Teri Heard with her many student thank you cards and posters

Nurse Teri Heard with her many student thank you cards and posters


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