Got Milk? Student Poster Contest Creates Excitement About Dairy!

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PE teacher Sam Doria organized a comprehensive dairy challenge for students at Toth Elementary in Perrysburg, Ohio in Fall 2008.  Here are his notes:

Dairy Challenge

 Set up the Challenge:

  1. Have grades 4-5 make posters for the hallways.
  2. Will make an announcement first day of challenge to get everyone involved.
  3. Send a little letter to our local newspaper letting them about the milk challenge.
  4. Copy worksheets that the teachers could copy and hand out their students.

 Experience the Challenge:

  1. Have a contest in the lunch room to see what milk the students choose the most.  The 3 choices will be chocolate, white, and strawberry.
  2. Will have a “Milk Mustache Wall”.  Any student that wants his or her picture taken will be on the wall.  Each student will stand in front of wall that says, “Got Milk”.  Along with a white mustache. poster with student milk moustaches

 Take the challenge home:    

  1. Have the kids go on a scavenger hunt.  This time the kids have to go find their favorite milk product.  Take a picture and bring it back to school.
  2. Have a family milk mustache picture.  Grab the whole family and get everyone involved in wearing a milk mustache.

 Track the challenge:

  1. Each student that comes through the line check to see which milk he/she picked.  Graph the results.  The results would be separated by chocolate, white, and strawberry.

 Celebrate the Challenge:

  1. We will celebrate by having the kids pictures up in the hallway.  Each student will be holding his/her favorite item from the milk group.
  2. Sharing the recipes with students and teachers.  The recipes that are brought I will distribute to anyone is who willing to give them a try.
  3. Announce the winner of the favorite milk from the lunchroom.
  4. Have our local newspaper come out to the school and taking a picture of students with a mil mustache.

 Interested in hosting a classroom or all-school milk moustache party?  American Dairy Association may have free milk moustache classroom party kits, which include a digital camera and supplies to make 500 milk moustache photos.   Contact Jennifer Hoffman at American Dairy Association Mideast, at 614-890-1800, 800-292-MILK (toll free within ADAme area)


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