Whole Wheat Challenge with voting

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TOTH Elementary – Perrysburg Schools, near Toledo, OH.  Submitted by Sam Doria, PE Teacher

Set Up the Challenge

  1. Had 2nd and 3rd graders make posters for the hallways.
  2. Did an announcement first day of challenge to get everyone involved.
  3. Sent a little letter to our local newspaper letting them about the challenge.
  4. I also copied worksheets that the teachers could copy and hand out their students.
  5. Lastly, I sent a letter to our parents association letting them about the grain challenge.  Asking if each one could send a loaf of bread to help with our second event.

Experience the Challenge:

  1. With the loaves of bread we got from our parents club.  We are going to have the students taste test 3 different kinds of breads during lunch.  After the kids taste each one we will see which bread is liked the most.

Take the challenge home:

  1. I had the kids do another scavenger hunt.  This time each one had to find their favorite food item from the grain group.  They will take a picture of themselves and bring it back into school.
  2. My 2nd option has them making a recipe that includes ingredients from the grain group.  After the recipe is done the kids will bring back their recipe to school.

Track the challenge:

  1. We will again track the students by what kind of bread they liked the most.  This will happen by each student picking out a color that corresponds to the bread.  The colored pieces of paper will be collected.  The pieces will be placed on a graph showing what bread was most liked.


The following large banner was posted in the center hall to give results of the bread testing:

Students dropped square of paper into hat to vote on which whole grain they liked best.

Celebrate the Challenge:

We will celebrate by having the pictures of the students hanging up around school.  This will show their favorite food item from the grains group.

  1. The recipes the kids bring in will be distributed to other students and teachers in the school. 
  2. I will make announcement what the winning bread was.  Also, hang up a graph in the cafeteria showing which ones the kids liked the most and the least.
  3. Sending a little letter to our local newspaper letting them the results of our 2nd event.  Also, giving a little update on Game On generally.

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