Whole wheat challenge with breakfast event

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Buckeye Elementary – Salem, OH, Submitted by school nurse Patty Baker, RN

January 2009  Whole Wheat Challenge:    Our school mascot, quaker bear, writes a weekly letter to the classes about whole wheat (what foods are whole wheat, how many servings for kids, etc.) We have a bulletin board and a display of whole wheat foods that our students brought in.  Quaker Bear has a bulletin board that shows him with his favorite whole wheat foods. 

Every Thursday, we will have lunch time activities.  Last week, we had placemats with a game (word search, connect the dots, etc.) related to whole wheat.  This week, we are reading a story about Whole Grain Heroes that involves physical activities.  We have ordered a movie theater popcorn machine with some of our grant money and will have popcorn day with educational activities and popcorn next week.  Our PTO will help us continue the popcorn, selling it twice a week at lunch as a treat.  The last Thursday is taste testing and voting on our favorite.  Our food service department is setting up a display of whole wheat foods that they serve in our cafeteria.  We also are putting pictures of whole wheat foods and the number 5 (for number of servings they should eat of grains) all over the school.

Our big event is our Whole Wheat celebration breakfast on January 23.  We have invited the arena football team mascot (Mahoning Valley Thunder) as well as the mayor, and parents to join us.  We’ll serve whole wheat  french toast sticks and orange juice to the whole school and the Thunder mascot will be talking about what the football players eat and do to stay tough!  Our food service director and school superintendent will be serving the food.  We’ve invited local TV stations to cover, as well as the newspapers. 

We’re also incorporating these activities at our other elementary schools. since we have things already set up, it’s easy to move it to the other schools.  We’re doing a whole wheat lunch and learn at Reilly – we teach the 3rd and 4th graders about whole wheat while they’re eating lunch (we do one class at a time so it’s a special occasion), have a whole wheat scavenger hunt and then do some crazy dance moves to get some activity in.


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