Great press coverage of Game On at Toth Elementary

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The following article ran in the Perrysburg Messenger Journal in Perrysburg, Ohio on April 15, 2009.

Under the direction of physical education teacher Sam Doria, students at Toth Elementary are participating in the moving challenges for Game On, a program designed to enhance students understanding of health issues.
The challenges focus on exercising and being active after, during and before school. The first challenge deals with after school moving activities.
The students are using tracking devices to record how many minutes they are active at home. Each time a student brings his or her tracker back to school, the students name will be put into a drawing to recieve a prize.

Along with keeping track of their exercising, students were encouraged to write about their favorite home exercise or activity.
The students wrote stories about playing tee bgameon-2all, taking karate, doing gymnastics, jumping on a trampoline, dancing, and playing soccer.
It was very hard for me to pick five because they were all great, Mr. Doria said. The five class winners are: kindegarten, Kennedy Kersten; first grade, Mehros Nassershariti; second grade, Alayna Dunphy; third grade, Nicole Dibling; fourth grade, Sawyer Cain, and fifth grade, Maddie Tamlyn.
Kennedy Kersten, kindergarten, wrote: I like to play tee boll.


Reporter: Diana Wright, Perrysburg Messenger, Perrysburg, Ohio

First grader Mehros Nassershariti wrote: My favorite activity is karate. I go to karate once a week. My style of karate is okinqwan shuri-ryu. I have orange belt in karate. I am going to comtinuo doing karate until I get my black belt. The black belt is the highestbelt. Karate is good for our mind and our body. I think karate is a good sport and I think its cool.

Alayna Dunphy, a second grader, wrote: I love to do gymnastics, becasue I love to do flips on the bars and jump bar to bar. I love to do the beam too and I can to do a turn on the beam. I love gymanastics because look at some things you can do at gymnastics.

Third grader Nicole Dibling wrote: My favorite exercise is jumping on our trampoline. We have has our trampoline since I was five years old. Almost every day I play on it for one hour. My mom told me if I brought my knees to my chest it would be like doing a sit up so I usealy do that. I like jumping on our trampoline the most of all the activitys I do.

Sawyer Cain, a fourth grader, wrote: My favorite activity is dancing. Dancing is a great way for me to express myself. Its also cool because I can make my own moves up. Its fun to come up with a rotine and show it to pwople. The funnist thing about dancing is you can never dance wrong.

Fifth grade student Maddie Tamlyn wrote: My favorite activity is soccer. I have played soccer since I was in kindergarden. I love the warm feeling I get when I make a goal. I like hearing the crowd cheer, it makes me feel appreciated. I also like soccer because I can see my friends. I have been on the same team as my best friend for about three years. Finaly, another reason I like soccer is, I get a lot of exercise running around the field. I think soccer is the best activity ever invented.


Creative wrap-up reviews or summaries of GameOn Nutrition Challenges

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Kids' Favorite Food PHotos organized into a Food Pyramid

After completing fruit and veggie, dairy and whole grain challenges, Toth Elementary’s physical education teacher asked the students to bring in photos of themselves with their favorite grain, vegetable, fruit, dairy product, or meat and bean food.  The poster is hung in the school hallway.

Another great way to summarize the Game On physical activity and nutrition challenges was organized into weekly challenges by a pilot Game On school in Florida.  Click here game-on-final-9-weeksparentltrflorida to see what parents received, and here for a

School Café Hosts Whole Grain Pizza Taste Test

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Team Raymond in Marysville, Ohio

Gets on the Whole Grain Train!

School Café Hosts Whole Grain Pizza Taste Test

My favorite whole grain cereal

My favorite whole grain cereal


We start our Challenge 2 this week….Where in my World are Whole Grains? Our students have been challenged to bring in pictures of themselves with a whole grain item. We will add this to our bulletin board in the cafe!  We are also going to begin to offer our recess option for FAST Feet….our line dance/exercise option for recess.  We will punch our trackers for participation for both.  Several kids brought in photo of themselves with their favorite whole grain food.











Students gathered by grade level to review the core messages from the Whole Grain Challenge.  We also taste tested a whole grain pizza treat, featuring a whole grain English muffin crust.  Students voted on which they liked the best.  The results showed that a majority of our students liked the healthy snack option!

To see the poster created and posted around the school, click on the link below.


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