Fruit and Vegetable Poetry, Tastings, Voting!

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Here are some of the activities coordinated by Patty Baker, RN with planning and assistance from other school nurses to focus on fruits and vegetables as their “Game On!” Challenge:
Students sampled free fruit  and vegetables in the cafeteria,  and voted which they liked best.  See photobuckeyevoting from voting process and the charts that were created and posted in the cafeteria:
 Also included were letters from Quaker Bear telling them about servings needed, ways to get f/v in your diet, etc., fruit and vegetable display, bulletin boards around the school and nurse’s office (we did a Go Green bulletin board for St. Patrick’s Day – pictures of green vegetables), books about fruits and vegetables offered for teachers to borrow and newsletters with recipes sent home.
To integrate fruits and vegetables into the classroom curriculum, the nurses who were coordinating Game On! organized a poetry contest, as part of their Fruit and Vegetable challenge. Students in each grade created poems with drawings or photos.  The contest created excitement, and encouraged creativity.  Take a second to read these poems!  🙂 
Corn and Beans
Corn and Beans

















Mmmmm Mushroom Poem


I like musrooms.

They are brown.

When I eat them,

I lose my frown!!


Apple poem

Apple poem by Hayden


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